3 Ways to Promote Your Business

3 Ways to Promote Your Business

placeitAs a small business, we know how important advertising your business is. With over 35 years in the custom apparel industry, we have helped outfit so many different businesses with well printed gear so they can present a professional face to their customers. Below I would like to point out some great ways to increase your brand awareness with custom promotional products.

Step One: Custom Apparel Printed With Your Company Logo.

A pretty obvious one, since we are a custom apparel printer. Having a unified image for your employees, whether out on the road or in the store, is important and very professional. Print your logo on some staff t-shirts, or embroider it on some nice polos from Port Authority, and you get to rep your business on and off the clock!

Step Two: Signs & Banners.

Did you know we also sell signs & banners? Well you do now, and they are a great way to advertise your business while on the job. Put up a sign while on the job and let people know who you are and what you can do. This is advertising while working, and you’re not paying for impressions!

Step Three: Ad Specialty Items.

Did you know ad specialty items like drinkware, pens/pencils and other gifts have a higher impression rate than any other form of advertising media? People don’t throw away useful things like USB drives and cups, so print your logo on them and know that you’ll have the chance to stay in front of your customers way longer than you would with a TV or radio ad.

It’s important to build your brand, and having Charlie’s Tees in your back pocket is a good first step. We can help outfit your entire business with custom apparel that’ll look great and help sell you. I want you to be successful, because like our motto says, Our Business Is Promoting Yours.

Have any other great tips for businesses? Join the discussion and comment below!