Bar Crawl Custom T-Shirts the Right Way

Bar Crawl Custom T-Shirts the Right Way
Custom Bar Crawl T-Shirts

Some of our awesome customers celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with their very own custom bar crawl t-shirts

Let’s face it, the weather outside sucks right now. It’s snowing/raining where I am, and it’s not much better anywhere else in the upper part of the country. I’ve decided this blog post is going to be about spring activities. It’ll help me feel a bit warmer, and I’m hoping the below information about bar crawl custom t-shirts can help you as well!

St. Patrick’s Day 2016 is a little over a month away and this is the time for bar crawls. With our awesome products and handy design studio, you can start planning the most epic bar crawl and be able to remember it for years to come with your very own custom bar crawl t-shirts…. Well, you’ll at least remember some of it 🙂

While I was in college we had some really awesome bar crawl shirts with the names of every bar we planned on going to forming a map. My friends and I had a couple of sharpies and crossed off the bars as we went. It was pretty fun and a unique way to enjoy the evening. That’s why with every shirt order we do from now until St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll throw in some sharpies for you and your friends to do the exact same!


We have a few cool designs ready to go, but I encourage you to use our awesome clipart and make your own! Below are 15 awesome sayings that you can use while you’re out on the town.

  • “Keep Calm and Crawl On”
    • A classic saying, use it to personalize your custom bar crawl t-shirts!
  • “Outrageous? Always. Out Rage Us? Never.”
    • We printed this saying on some shirts for a bar crawl down in East Lansing, MI a couple years ago and everyone loved them!
  • Celebrating your graduating class with a bar crawl? Customize it with some unique sayings!
    • Here’s one for nursing school: “Giving SHOTS by day, taking SHOTS by night”
  • Any Game of Thrones fans here? How about a “Game of Crawls” themed night out?
  • The classic “If found, please return to BAR” can be customized to make sure your friend is returned safely.
  • “Let’s Get Ready to STUMBLE!!” is always a good one
  • custom bar crawl shirts
    • When you really plan on crawling by the end of the night

Just a few ideas, but something that can maybe inspire you to create an awesome custom bar crawl t-shirt for your group! As always we are more than happy to help you come up with something. Give our support staff a call at 800-331-5251 or email us with any questions.


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